We take an iterative and collaborative approach when building websites for our clients. Our number one job is to listen. Learning about you and your unique business needs allows us to build your perfect website.

While some agencies avoid working with small businesses, we love it. We make the process of building a small business website easy, and we’ll guide you through the entire process.

At Cabezi, we’ve got time for you even when they don’t.

We Build High Performance Websites For Local Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Non-Profits & E-Commerce

As a business owner you don’t need to know the gory details of  Headless WordPress , but you should know that it enables faster page loads, snappier page transitions, superior Core Web Vitals, better SEO, a friendlier user experience, and more conversions.

In other words, we offer WordPress development and hosting with insane speed and unbeatable page quality scores.

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Enterprise Quality With Small Business Affordability

Headless WordPress with Cabezi gives you complete control over your content strategy. Use the tools you’re accustomed to to create and update content, or fetch data from anywhere with API access.

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Page Speed

Building a website using a Headless Architecture allows you to reach page speeds that were impossible with traditional WordPress servers. Google has recently started using page speed as a ranking factor for organic and paid search results.

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User Experience

A Headless Architecture using a React based front-end, enables some unique user experience upgrades including page pre-fetching and client side routing. This translates to a smoother, more user friendly, experience for your customers.

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Custom Integrations

Going Headless allows your business to integrate with nearly any third party service. This means you can accomplish nearly anything you can imagine, usually at lower cost than a custom WordPress based solution.

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Friendly Service

As a small agency based in Loveland Colorado, we thrive on open communication and caring customer service. We understand that your website is an important part of your business and we’re dedicated to providing help when you need it.

So What Exactly Is Headless?

(And Is It Better?)

We know… the term “Headless” gets thrown around a lot, but a good explanation is hard to come by. We prefer to use the term “CMS Agnostic” rather than Headless because it gives a better description of what we’re actually accomplishing.

Instead of letting a monolithic CMS (WordPress, Wix, Shopify, etc.) control the display of content, a CMS Agnostic solution like Cabezi Headless Platform uses the latest technology to gather content from one or more different sources and then serve it to the browser, usually with much greater speed, control, and efficiency.

In addition, Headless solutions allow us to implement custom functionality that would otherwise be impossible with a traditional CMS. Once again, the amount of control gained by going Headless provides unbeatable value.

I’ve heard that Headless is a much more expensive option than legacy “Headful” solutions, is this true?

This can certainly be true, especially when we’re talking about work done by large agencies. Cabezi on the other hand has built a toolkit that allows us to be ultra efficient. We offer superior Headless websites for less than what the other guys charge for traditional WordPress solutions.

Is Headless always faster than legacy solutions?

This of course depends on the legacy solution we’re talking about. For example, a Headless website will almost always be faster than a consumer level solution such as Wix or Squarespace. Modern WordPress sites using Full Site Editing (FSE) can actually be very fast, and some page speed measurement tools might indicate higher page speed scores than a Headless implementation.

Under the surface however, A Headless site will almost always “feel” faster than a traditional site due to cutting edge features like static rendering, client side routing, and prefetching.

How about ongoing costs, can Headless compete with WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace?

One of the main selling points of consumer grade solutions is that monthly hosting costs just a few dollars. Of course when we dig deeper, we realize that the base level of hosting isn’t appropriate for most businesses. In fact in order to deliver the same speed, security, and scalability as Headless you would actually pay MORE for legacy hosting in most situations.

Monthly hosting with Cabezi starts as low as $44 per month and the first year of hosting is half price.

Is Headless more secure than traditional WordPress?

This is a definite YES! While traditional WordPress is usually bloated with outdated plugins and security vulnerabilities, we utilize a small set of trusted plugins optimized for Headless implementations. Additionally, the WordPress server address is obfuscated from bots and potential attackers, making it much more secure.

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WooCommerce is by far the most popular ecommerce solution for WordPress, but is it really the best? Cabezi uses an easier to manage solution that is much faster than WooCommerce.

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Infinitely Customizable

While we offer an affordable standard template, our architecture allows for infinite customization of any website created with the Cabezi Headless Framework.

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Better Security, Scalability, and Reliability

By decoupling the CMS (Content Management System) from the front end, we can deliver better reliability, security, and scalability than a standalone WordPress server.




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Cabezi uses a lightweight stack of tools optimized for speed.

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The other guys use heavyweight monolithic page builders.

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